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We offer a wide range of Counseling & Guidance Services in Puducherry for all individuals and any business.
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Our expertise is to help you develop, implement, certify and maintain your management system through a hassle-free process and with a value-for-money service.

There are many different reasons why individuals and couples at times require the services of a counselor. These range from just needing someone unbiased to speak with, to having troubles dealing with a life crisis. During a counseling session, clients can discuss their specific problems with their counselor and acquire help in addressing and solving them.

Our emotions and the current state of our mind can have a significant impact on our normal bodily functions and daily life. Experiencing extensive periods of depression, stress, anxiety or anything that is affecting your physiological health and mental well-being is something that requires immediate attention. There is no need for you to go through this on your own. With ample support and help available at Wise Mind Centre, not only will you be in the position to identify your triggers but will also find ways to cope and address your personal challenges.

We are a team of professional psychologists and counselors with extensive experience in helping individuals, School and college students, parents and children in Pondicherry. Drawing on their impressive qualifications, expertise and experience, they offer a high level of support to people who are struggling with different types of relationship challenges and mental health issues. At the facility, you can benefit from a secure, confidential, friendly and non-judgmental setting where you can speak about your issues and acquire solutions to the underlying causes of your mental health issues.

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This course prepares students for the campus to corporate job transition and gives a clear idea about the skills that an individual requires to work in a corporate.

Fee: Rs.5000
Duration: 4 days session + 1 day - Practical session
40 hours
This course makes you feel a difference in your inner space, self – esteem, self-confidence, reaching Goal, being successful also Improves Self Persona and develops Charisma.

Fee: Rs.10000
Duration: 3 hours
This course enhances the efficiency and skillsets of the workforce leading to improved performance with a positive attitude and morale.

Fee: Rs. 5000 + GST - Rs. 10,000 + GST
Duration: 3 hours


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